DJ Diamond – Flight Musik

11 08 2011

Flight Musik is not quite Music for Airports; but DJ Diamond has produced the best album of recent months. These twisted footwork outings are kaleidoscopic yet jagged throwing around snippets that build quickly and dissipate much quicker. Never-drawn-out anthems are there one minute and gone the next; the whole album is an immaculate showcase of mostly everything the genre has to offer.

These cuts won’t please everyone; the whole album is a whirlwind of the footwork sound and on first listen you either love or hate that. I’ve been digging Machinedrum among others lately and this is just pure bliss.

Rep Yo Clique (Remix):

Listen to more at Boomkat right here.


Blawan – Getting Me Down / Joy O – Sicko Cell

11 08 2011

So we can get things rolling again around the Blog and Bass area thought I’d kick off with a couple of summer anthems. In case you’ve not heard these two stunners (and honestly, if you’ve been to a decent dubstep night recently, you will have) they’re the catchiest beats to drop in recent  months.
Blawan produces a tight house-vibed track with a slick onslaught of blended vocals taken from the 1994 track “Wanna be Down” by Brandy. This stays the right side of cheesy and really packs a massively dancable sound into what would be a worthy if not minimal track without.

Blawan – Getting Me Down

The mysterious Sicko Cell track has been appearing in sets for a number of months now, most notably Loefah early on, leading to a lot of speculation about his creation of the tune. The sound really is easily more Joy Orbison; again prominent vocal sample selection gives the track its instant punch. Reminicent for me of the 1987 track on the Acid Tracks 12″ – Your Only Friend – this could easily be sampled from the same source.

Joy O – Sicko Cell

Both have had recent 12″ releases though unsure of their availablility, especially the white-one-sided Blawan release. Try Boomkat or Discogs.

Released This Week

27 07 2011


Alvin Risk (Telemetrik) & Bulletproof/Black Sun Empire & Counterstrike – One/Traum [BSE Recordings]

Arkist & Kidkut – One Year Later/Vanilla Imitate [Hotflush]

Benga – Faithless/Acid Lie [Kapsize]

Friendly Fires – Hawaiian Air (Totally Enormous Exticnt Dinosaurs/Seiji Remixes) [XL]

Gui Boratto – The Drill/Stems From Hell [Kompakt]

Hybris/Nocturnal – Pyramids/Lair [Revolution]

Lone – All Those Weird Things [Wigflex]

Om Unit & Kromestar – Solar Cycle/Merkabah [Cosmic Bridge]

Optiv & BTK – Get Ready/Submission [Dispatch]

Skream – Exothermic Reaction/Future Funkizm [Nonplus]

Unknown (Joy O) – Sicko Cell/Knock Knock [Swamp81]

Wiley – Link Up [Big Dada]

EPs & LPs:

ASC – Ghost Train EP [Auxiliary]

Breton – Counter Balance Remix EP [Hemlock]

Evol Intent – Cruise Control EP [Evol Intent]

Geiom – Tone Generation EP [Frijsfo Beats]

George Fitzgerald – Silhouette EP [Aus]

Intelligent Manners – Some Day EP [Celsius]

Morphy/Genotype/Ortokore/Raiden – Percussion Concussion pt.1 EP [Voodoo]

Pixel Fist – Talking Heads EP [Rottun]

Vondelpark – NYC Stuff & NYC Bags EP [R&S]

Little Dragon – Ritual Union [Peacefrog]

Machinedrum – Room(s) [Planet Mu]

Ras G – Down to Earth [Ramp]

VA – Ram 100 [Ram]


Released This Week

21 07 2011


Break & Die – Slow Down VIP/Skip Rope (ft Need for Mirrors) [Symmetry]

Bulb – Tenderness [Kokeshi]

Klute – Scooter/Party Hands [Commercial Suicide]

Mindscape/Ryme Tyme/Jade/Mastif – Sickness Remix/Time Trap [Citrus]

Mosca – Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore/Swing City Remixes) [Fat City]

Oak – Bedroom Community/Kite [Space Cadets]

Radiohead – Good Morning Mr Magpie (Nathan Fake Remix)/Bloom (Harmonic 313/Mark Pritchard Remixes) [Ticker Tape]

Tropics – Mouves (FaltyDL/Keep Shelly In Athens Remixes) [Planet Mu]

EPs & LPs:

Autre ne Veut – Body EP [Hippos in Tanks]

Black Devil Disco Club – Distrust EP [Lo]

dRamatic & dbAudio – Vigilante EP [Liquid V]

Funkineven – Roland’s Jam EP [Eglo]

How To Dress Well – Just Once EP [Love Letters Ink]

Leterette – Letherette EP 2 [Ho_Tep]

Lynx/Malibu/Hellrazor – Sleazy EP [Detail]

Mount Kimbie – Carbonated EP [Hot Flush]

Mr Lager ft Alys Be – Tell Me EP [Sub Freq]

Roska – Jackpot EP [Rinse]

VA – Fabriclive 58: Goldie [Fabric]

VA – Rinse 15: Roska [Rinse]

Sublive: Nosaj Thing at EXIT

14 07 2011

Having just rolled back from what surely must be the hottest festival of the year (definitely in temperature) I felt compelled to write something here about how insanely great this guy is live.

Drifts is astonishingly good in places, and he hit every one of those places, moving on to new highs and lovely new lows. The guy goes and opens with Lords, which really comes close to the title Justice-killer; I’m wondering where the let-up comes, and it genuinely doesn’t, through the whole set.

OK so the “Visual Show” promised a maelstrom and delivered a couple of flashing white LEDs, but the music didn’t need anything to deliver it. A brilliantly constructed set with pure ebb and flow, driven hard and fast but with complete control.

The Blackest Ever Black

30 06 2011

For a while now I’ve been itching to write some articles about great labels I’m discovering from across the electronic spectrum. The Blackest Ever Black is way out at the edge of that spectrum, as the name suggests, it sits past the fringes of colour glinting on the edge of what we could interpret as “dance music”.

” Creating anything of real substance, particularly in music, is a more difficult and thankless task than ever. The label wasn’t founded in spite of this hostile climate, it was founded because of it “

There is real substance here, within the blackness; the cluttered, dusty spaces reverberating with industrial scorn, there’s something glittering in the corners. And it’s visual. Listening to the Regis remix of This Foundry on the label’s second release is like scaling this landscape, the hostile climate. The carefully crafted bassline is killer, but within the vision afforded by the industrial, post-apocalyptic backdrop, the track takes on real substance.

The label carries this feeling through; the almost-chanting drone background to Retread from the first EP drags you on and on through the nightime blackness. Every turn, every flicker of light, is evocative of your bleakest moments and your darkest memories, but with a glimmer of hope.

Raime – We must Hunt Under the Wreckage of Many Systems

These kinds of labels are rare and each is unique – the edge of genres. They aren’t for every mood, but they bring new ideas to steadfast musical pillars and they allow you to get lost in a world created entirely through ambiance.

Check out the label website for free mixes and new releases.

The Blackest Ever black

Fabriclive 58: Goldie

31 05 2011

Fabric have confirmed that D&B legend Goldie will be in charge of mixing the 58th installment of their ever popular Fabriclive series. Showing off the latest music from his Metalheadz imprint, mixed in with some of the best of contemporary drum and bass and a handful of classics (and who could begrudge him finishing on Timeless?), this mix is certainly one to pick up when it hits the shops on July 18th.


01. Rido feat. Thomas Oliver – Twisted

02. Marcus Intalex feat. S.P.Y. – Celestial Navigation
03. Lenzman – Lasers
04. Need For Mirrors – Lofar
05. Enei – One Chance VIP
06. Subwave & Enei – The Mines
07. S.I.N. & Mutated Forms – Right Now
08. Fresh – The Gatekeeper
09. DJ Hazard – Proteus
10. Critical Impact – Translation
11. Adam F – Metropolis
12. Mutated Forms – Crowlin
13. Jubei – Patience VIP
14. Rido – Focus
15. Basher feat. Xtrah – Convulsions
16. Mutated Forms – Doubts
17. A Sides – One DJ
18. Mark System feat. Youngman – Hold It
19. Icicle feat. Robert Owens – Redemption (Alix Perez Remix)
20. Lenzman – Open Page (Subwave Remix)
21. dBridge – Cornered
22. Jubei – Alignment (Boddika Remix)
23. Mikal – Higher Forces
24. Wickaman & RV – Ev’s Dead
25. J Majik & Wickaman – Old Headz
26. Commix – Be True
27. Goldie – Timeless

For a full track breakdown from the man himself, see here.