Dom & Roland: The Big Bang LP

7 09 2011

Clips from every track of Dom’s forthcoming Big Bang LP are now available through his Soundcloud page [and now here too]. Combining engaging, cinematic atmospheres (and quite simply the best intros in D&B) with astute samples, razor sharp breaks and punishing basslines, Dom’s full and unrelenting style marks him out in a D&B scene in which the more interesting music has often tended towards stripped back minimalism since the advent of Autonomic a couple of years back.

The album is released on the 26th of September and it’ll be two years since he last induced widespread shirt ripping and face tearing (and other such bass related platitudes) with his mammoth No Strings Attached LP, which featured such belters as Tajitsu, Mind Feeders and Jungle Beast. If these clips are anything to go by, the Big Bang may yet be even bigger.



Electric Smile VIP







Cigars & Money







Yogi ft. Ayah Marar – Follow U (AI Remix)

26 08 2011

So I’m back. The boys and girl of Blog and Bass have all been off doing various exciting things this summer and we are now back to bring you the best bass music we can find. My word there has been some amazing releases over the last few months.

mzi.lrejxrbe.170x170-75Opening out my first post back is a track that has had a lasting effect since I heard it for the first time yesterday. It’s available to pre order on iTunes and is coming out in just under a month on September 25th.

Brought to you by the big boys at the Ministry of Sound, Follow U has one of the most memorable break downs I think I have heard all year. Synth sustains with extra reverb in the intro and again during the breakdown before the last drop, coupled with Ayah Marar’s gorgeous vocals left me expecting a liquid summer vibed track. How wrong could I have been. After the breakdown I was met with an absolutely filthy bass line that was mastered brilliantly in keeping with the rest of the track.

Probably my top pick of the summer so far and I have a feeling this one could be big…

Fudge Fingas

25 08 2011

A new discovery for me, Gavin Sutherland seems to have a fully crafted sound – a sweet mix of sickly ambiance with bass-y house that both contrasts and mixes beautifully, juxtaposing energy with soothing chillout.

His album apparently came earlier this year in the form of Now About How – I have to admit to having not had chance to take it in but I have been absolutely loving this track just released on Firecracker Records. A deeply involving warm cut of swirling spacey beats:

What Works is out now on Firecracker Recordings.

Clams Casino – Rainforest

12 08 2011

Stunning piece of Hip-Hop / Noise drenched electro. When I saw the label who’re putting this out I was sceptical. Tri Angle have a nasty habit of feeding hyped up ‘witch house’ affairs which first please, then tire before becoming dull. This is definitely not in that category – a good sign is the simultaneous Type records release of the material from a recent free mixtape which is insane.

For a little outer-limits listening check this guy out.

From Rainforest – Waterfall

Released This Week

12 07 2011


ASC – Brainscan/Zone One [Samurai Red Seal]

Benny Page – Original Killa/Take You Back [Subway Holland]

Billain – Kontra/Octopamine [Citrus]

BTK, Optiv & Presence Known – Crawler/Music Within [Demand]

DBR UK – Anaconda/Above the Slums [BLKND]

Glitch Mob – We Can Make the World Stop/Warrior Concerto/Palace of the Innocents [Glass Air]

Hybris, Presence Known – Bossa Nouveau/Absolute Power [Blackout]

Hyetal – Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) [Blackacre]

James Blake – Order/Pan [Hemlock]

Nymfo, Cern – Recollection/Desert Heat [Dispatch]

Photek – Closer/Pinch Remix [Tectonic]

Pinch – Swish/Tunnel Home [Deep Medi]

Seiji – No Other/Easy [Seijimusic]

Synkro – Look at Yourself/Girl/It’s [Mindset]

Xxxy – You Gotta Do/Open Your Eyes [Orca]

EPs & LPs:

Drums of Death – Black Waves EP [Civil]

Jam City – Waterworx EP [Night Slugs]

Ill Skillz – Nectar & Ambrosia [Ill Skillz]

Tes La Rok – Them [Noppa]

Toddla T – Watch Me Dance [Ninja Tune]

VA – Best of Tectonic pt.1 (2005-2009) [Tectonic]

VA – Best of Tectonic pt.2 (2009-2011) [Tectonic]

Zomby – Dedication [4AD]

Released This Week

5 07 2011

Firstly, an apology for the complete absence of this feature (and the general quietness of the blog) over the past couple of months. It’s been a hectic time of year and we’ve all been a bit caught up with work, exams, world records, radio awards, drinking, sleeping, debauchery, illness, recovery, moving, sex, drugs & rock & roll. Well, some of those things anyway. Needless to say we’ll be back on it in a big way over the next few weeks so keep checking back to see what we’re saying about the wonderful world of electronica and bass music. Anyway, back to it; some of this weeks highlights…



Alaska – Boreal [Arctic Music]

Blu Mar Ten – Five Summers/Still the One (ft Inside Info) [BMT]

Commix – Double Double [Metalheadz]

DJ Fresh – Louder/Remixes [Ministry of Sound]

Eastcolours, Foreign Concept & DBR – Acidized/Radiation [Samurai]

FaltyDL – Make It Difficult/Jack Your Job [All City]

Guido – Ballin’/Bumba [Build]

Jay 5ive & Kromestar – Wishful Thinking/Electric Avenue [Bass N Love]

Joe Syntax – Signal Drop/Sightlines [Med School]

Kryptic Minds ft Alys Be – Time Flies [Osiris]

Royalston – All My Life/Heisenberg [Bad Taste]

Serum – Twin Blades/New Era (ft Bladerunner) [V]

EPs & LPs:

The Chain – Lostwithiel EP [R&S]

DJ Roc – Killa Combo EP [Booty Call]

Hype Williams – Kelly Price W8 Gain vol II EP [Hyperdub]

Hackman – Close EP [Greco-Roman]

Ital Tek – Whip It Up EP [Atom River]

Kuedo – Videowave EP [Planet Mu]

Blue Motion – Stay Forever [Influenza]

Brian Eno – Drums Between the Bells [Warp]

Ink – Last Scroll [Renegade Hardware]

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Luminaries & Synastry [Digitalis]

SBTRKT – SBTRKT [Young Turks]

Tevo Howard – Pandora’s Box [Rush Hour Holland]

VA – DJ Kicks: Motor City Drum Ensemble [K7]


Hospitality Festival Drum & Bass

25 06 2011

In keeping with our festival theme, Hospital Records have just announced that they are releasing a kick off to the summer festival season with a huge 28 track compilation, featuring Logistics, S.P.Y, Netsky and one of my favourites Muffler. You can listen to a preview of Muffler’s track ‘Dribble’ here. It’s got jungle-esque vibes and an addictive build up to the first drop. There’s also cheeky vocal sample that kept reminding me of High Contrast’s ‘Everything’s Different’. S.P.Y’s ‘Turn the Lights off’ opens the compilation with Muffler following it. A hard act to follow but Muffler has created my pip to be a summer classic.

The album is out on July 1st and can be pre-ordered from the Hospital Records shop.

If you’re wondering where Hospitality are going to be making festival appearances over the next few months, be sure to check out Lounge On The Farm, Lovebox and of course the one and only Global Gathering. I’ll be posting more info about them in the next few days…