Fudge Fingas

25 08 2011

A new discovery for me, Gavin Sutherland seems to have a fully crafted sound – a sweet mix of sickly ambiance with bass-y house that both contrasts and mixes beautifully, juxtaposing energy with soothing chillout.

His album apparently came earlier this year in the form of Now About How – I have to admit to having not had chance to take it in but I have been absolutely loving this track just released on Firecracker Records. A deeply involving warm cut of swirling spacey beats:

What Works is out now on Firecracker Recordings.


Clams Casino – Rainforest

12 08 2011

Stunning piece of Hip-Hop / Noise drenched electro. When I saw the label who’re putting this out I was sceptical. Tri Angle have a nasty habit of feeding hyped up ‘witch house’ affairs which first please, then tire before becoming dull. This is definitely not in that category – a good sign is the simultaneous Type records release of the material from a recent free mixtape which is insane.

For a little outer-limits listening check this guy out.

From Rainforest – Waterfall

Free Music: Wugazi

26 07 2011

You could probably be forgiven if you found it a little tough to imagine the lyrics of seminal rap outfit Wu Tang Clan laid down upon the music of alternative punk legends Fugazi. Lucky then, that Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy (yes, that is his name) have taken it upon themselves to bring together these two unlikely bedfellows in one extremely surprising  release so that you don’t have to.  Good ingredients don’t necessarily lead to a pleasant serving, as many a sketchy mash-up will testify, so even more remarkable and pleasing is how well it works. Unlike most bootlegs, this isn’t an album you’ll listen to once, enjoy for novelty, and then discard; it’s a fucking good record in its own right, lovingly put together, and one of the coolest things we’ve heard all year. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, ’13 Chambers’ is available free of charge over at www.wugazi.com. If you want a taster, the opening track is below. All together now…

DJ Trax & Assorted Anonymous – Transmission 02 [Free]

9 05 2011

Following up from Transmission 01, which was released earlier on in the year on Audio Buffet, Part 2 showcases the cross-Atlantic hip-hop productions of Essex-based DJ Trax and Michigan-based Assorted Anonymous. A very professionally operated outfit – well worth a listen.

More tunes, videos and info @ djtrax.wordpress.com.

Free Music: Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Buraka Som Sistema remix)

4 05 2011

Photek’s 1997 classic Ni Ten Ichi Ryu has been given a modern, bassy and really rather good re-rub by Buraka Som Sistema’s DJ Riot. Even better, it’s a freebie!

Brookes Brothers Single – Video Released

3 04 2011

Brookes BrothersNot too long ago, I posted up that the Brookes Brothers were back with a new single called “Beautiful” featuring the incredible vocals of the House singer Robert Owens. It is out on the Drum and Bass Arena Evolution mini site next week (go check out the nice mini mix they have up there for free download). The expected full release will be on iTunes around May 2nd.

If you YouTubed it before, you would have been greeted with UKF Drum and Bass’s infamous channel with standard black background and logo accompanying your listening. Now the official video is out and you can catch it here.

I can’t say this video has particularly pushed the boundaries of musical film, it features yet another person running through various places for the entire video. I won’t spoil the ending but I definitely wasn’t expecting it (but thinking about the title now I really should have), its worth a watch for that very reason.

Four Tet gives away ‘Pinnacles’

31 03 2011


Kieran Hebden’s been a busy boy of late, and he’s very kindly given away the mp3 of his fabulous latest solo effort, ‘Pinnacles’. Very much in the vein of last year’s stunning ‘There Is Love In You’ LP, this is a summery, musical number with a proper club shuffle behind it. It has been released on vinyl recently with a wicked track from Caribou (working under the alias ‘Daphni’) on the flip. Grab it from Soundcloud below: