Fudge Fingas

25 08 2011

A new discovery for me, Gavin Sutherland seems to have a fully crafted sound – a sweet mix of sickly ambiance with bass-y house that both contrasts and mixes beautifully, juxtaposing energy with soothing chillout.

His album apparently came earlier this year in the form of Now About How – I have to admit to having not had chance to take it in but I have been absolutely loving this track just released on Firecracker Records. A deeply involving warm cut of swirling spacey beats:

What Works is out now on Firecracker Recordings.


DJ Diamond – Flight Musik

11 08 2011

Flight Musik is not quite Music for Airports; but DJ Diamond has produced the best album of recent months. These twisted footwork outings are kaleidoscopic yet jagged throwing around snippets that build quickly and dissipate much quicker. Never-drawn-out anthems are there one minute and gone the next; the whole album is an immaculate showcase of mostly everything the genre has to offer.

These cuts won’t please everyone; the whole album is a whirlwind of the footwork sound and on first listen you either love or hate that. I’ve been digging Machinedrum among others lately and this is just pure bliss.

Rep Yo Clique (Remix):

Listen to more at Boomkat right here.

Blawan – Getting Me Down / Joy O – Sicko Cell

11 08 2011

So we can get things rolling again around the Blog and Bass area thought I’d kick off with a couple of summer anthems. In case you’ve not heard these two stunners (and honestly, if you’ve been to a decent dubstep night recently, you will have) they’re the catchiest beats to drop in recent  months.
Blawan produces a tight house-vibed track with a slick onslaught of blended vocals taken from the 1994 track “Wanna be Down” by Brandy. This stays the right side of cheesy and really packs a massively dancable sound into what would be a worthy if not minimal track without.

Blawan – Getting Me Down

The mysterious Sicko Cell track has been appearing in sets for a number of months now, most notably Loefah early on, leading to a lot of speculation about his creation of the tune. The sound really is easily more Joy Orbison; again prominent vocal sample selection gives the track its instant punch. Reminicent for me of the 1987 track on the Acid Tracks 12″ – Your Only Friend – this could easily be sampled from the same source.

Joy O – Sicko Cell

Both have had recent 12″ releases though unsure of their availablility, especially the white-one-sided Blawan release. Try Boomkat or Discogs.

Sublive: Nosaj Thing at EXIT

14 07 2011

Having just rolled back from what surely must be the hottest festival of the year (definitely in temperature) I felt compelled to write something here about how insanely great this guy is live.

Drifts is astonishingly good in places, and he hit every one of those places, moving on to new highs and lovely new lows. The guy goes and opens with Lords, which really comes close to the title Justice-killer; I’m wondering where the let-up comes, and it genuinely doesn’t, through the whole set.

OK so the “Visual Show” promised a maelstrom and delivered a couple of flashing white LEDs, but the music didn’t need anything to deliver it. A brilliantly constructed set with pure ebb and flow, driven hard and fast but with complete control.

The Blackest Ever Black

30 06 2011

For a while now I’ve been itching to write some articles about great labels I’m discovering from across the electronic spectrum. The Blackest Ever Black is way out at the edge of that spectrum, as the name suggests, it sits past the fringes of colour glinting on the edge of what we could interpret as “dance music”.

” Creating anything of real substance, particularly in music, is a more difficult and thankless task than ever. The label wasn’t founded in spite of this hostile climate, it was founded because of it “

There is real substance here, within the blackness; the cluttered, dusty spaces reverberating with industrial scorn, there’s something glittering in the corners. And it’s visual. Listening to the Regis remix of This Foundry on the label’s second release is like scaling this landscape, the hostile climate. The carefully crafted bassline is killer, but within the vision afforded by the industrial, post-apocalyptic backdrop, the track takes on real substance.

The label carries this feeling through; the almost-chanting drone background to Retread from the first EP drags you on and on through the nightime blackness. Every turn, every flicker of light, is evocative of your bleakest moments and your darkest memories, but with a glimmer of hope.

Raime – We must Hunt Under the Wreckage of Many Systems

These kinds of labels are rare and each is unique – the edge of genres. They aren’t for every mood, but they bring new ideas to steadfast musical pillars and they allow you to get lost in a world created entirely through ambiance.

Check out the label website for free mixes and new releases.

The Blackest Ever black

Young Montana? / Africa Hitech

16 05 2011

Young Montana? – Limerence and Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles. These are two essential listens this month.. I’m actually not such a massive fan of the LP format for electronic music but sometimes the sound’s just so immersive and flowing you can’t help but get drawn in for an hour of pure enjoyment. Both of these albums are golden mindfucks of the most experimental and rhythmic sounds, they create their own space and fill it with ambient complexity.

Young Montana? especially has crafted his own unique sound unlike anything I’ve heard before. There is so much going on here; in structure it could almost be the light-hearted younger brother of Autechre’s Tri Repetae, blitzing a spectrum of sound from everything electronic music has to offer but coming out with it’s own distinct feeling. Tracks like Sacre Cool and Dreamhome are a blur of shapeshifting samples, never touching upon solid ground long enough to embed more than a fleeting feeling; the whole experience is really a cluster of fragmented feelings. Chopped and cropped into a sickly sweet, whilst complex, concoction.

You come away with just a vague memory of a pure experience, something along the lines of Hunter S Thompson’s tide-mark remark upon the close of the 60’s.. Without delving too deeply into a chain-of-conciousness critique on a genuine masterpiece, these are fresh beats and fresh feelings. Oh, and yes, you can dance to it.

Much hyped hyper dubstep from Africa Hitech is another absolutely essential listen this month. The duo that is Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek build their combined sound into what is a spanky-straight-up dubstep record. The dancefloor experience here is expertly crafted into a complex arc, creating an album that is unmistakably a whole whilst working in the open-arena of the mix.

You can’t fail to notice the Warp label here, and at times there are the distant echoes of early Warp releases; the tracks are at once full-on-dubstep, but also ambivalent, crafting a path through sounds synonymous with the Warp catalogue. 93 Million Miles sounds right at home here.

Listen to the entire Africa Hitech release right here (and download a free mp3)

Try some of Limerence on Soundcloud:

(but to be fair, you need to hear this one, just buy it)

Appleblim & October – Ny Fizzzzz / Fountains of Paradise

27 04 2011

Two massive names from the Bristol dubstep scene meld minds.

I’ve always had fond thoughts for Appleblim but never truely gone hyper for any of his tunes. Mostly because of his involvement with Skull Disco, he’s been left sat behind the master of darkness, Sam Shackleton.

Listening to Ny Fizzzzz and I get the same feelings; it’s really nothing special. There’s everything from the Bristol scene behind it, the solid kicks to the scuffed high hats, but there’s nothing else there to back it up. Solid, yes, interesting? brutal? memorable? no..

Suddenly the room darkens, Fountains of Paradise is just stunning stuff. It’s not just dubstep, it’s experimental. That said, it is dubstep; here echoes of Joker’s 80’s synth contrast one of the darkest backdrops I’ve heard for too long – it makes me yearn for the dark cuts Instra:mental were churning out a couple of years ago. The intro has the silky ambience of dreamy techno – train track rhythms, deep and dark – and this just engulfs the spirit of the track – slowly building into proper dubstep thump.

There’s nothing explicitly new here if you’re talking pure element but the array of sounds is something to comprehend. Prepare to listen again, or prepare to miss so much from this track.

check youtube: