Yogi ft. Ayah Marar – Follow U (AI Remix)

26 08 2011

So I’m back. The boys and girl of Blog and Bass have all been off doing various exciting things this summer and we are now back to bring you the best bass music we can find. My word there has been some amazing releases over the last few months.

mzi.lrejxrbe.170x170-75Opening out my first post back is a track that has had a lasting effect since I heard it for the first time yesterday. It’s available to pre order on iTunes and is coming out in just under a month on September 25th.

Brought to you by the big boys at the Ministry of Sound, Follow U has one of the most memorable break downs I think I have heard all year. Synth sustains with extra reverb in the intro and again during the breakdown before the last drop, coupled with Ayah Marar’s gorgeous vocals left me expecting a liquid summer vibed track. How wrong could I have been. After the breakdown I was met with an absolutely filthy bass line that was mastered brilliantly in keeping with the rest of the track.

Probably my top pick of the summer so far and I have a feeling this one could be big…




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