Blawan – Getting Me Down / Joy O – Sicko Cell

11 08 2011

So we can get things rolling again around the Blog and Bass area thought I’d kick off with a couple of summer anthems. In case you’ve not heard these two stunners (and honestly, if you’ve been to a decent dubstep night recently, you will have) they’re the catchiest beats to drop in recent  months.
Blawan produces a tight house-vibed track with a slick onslaught of blended vocals taken from the 1994 track “Wanna be Down” by Brandy. This stays the right side of cheesy and really packs a massively dancable sound into what would be a worthy if not minimal track without.

Blawan – Getting Me Down

The mysterious Sicko Cell track has been appearing in sets for a number of months now, most notably Loefah early on, leading to a lot of speculation about his creation of the tune. The sound really is easily more Joy Orbison; again prominent vocal sample selection gives the track its instant punch. Reminicent for me of the 1987 track on the Acid Tracks 12″ – Your Only Friend – this could easily be sampled from the same source.

Joy O – Sicko Cell

Both have had recent 12″ releases though unsure of their availablility, especially the white-one-sided Blawan release. Try Boomkat or Discogs.




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