Free Music: Wugazi

26 07 2011

You could probably be forgiven if you found it a little tough to imagine the lyrics of seminal rap outfit Wu Tang Clan laid down upon the music of alternative punk legends Fugazi. Lucky then, that Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy (yes, that is his name) have taken it upon themselves to bring together these two unlikely bedfellows in one extremely surprising  release so that you don’t have to.  Good ingredients don’t necessarily lead to a pleasant serving, as many a sketchy mash-up will testify, so even more remarkable and pleasing is how well it works. Unlike most bootlegs, this isn’t an album you’ll listen to once, enjoy for novelty, and then discard; it’s a fucking good record in its own right, lovingly put together, and one of the coolest things we’ve heard all year. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, ’13 Chambers’ is available free of charge over at If you want a taster, the opening track is below. All together now…




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