Released This Week

12 07 2011


ASC – Brainscan/Zone One [Samurai Red Seal]

Benny Page – Original Killa/Take You Back [Subway Holland]

Billain – Kontra/Octopamine [Citrus]

BTK, Optiv & Presence Known – Crawler/Music Within [Demand]

DBR UK – Anaconda/Above the Slums [BLKND]

Glitch Mob – We Can Make the World Stop/Warrior Concerto/Palace of the Innocents [Glass Air]

Hybris, Presence Known – Bossa Nouveau/Absolute Power [Blackout]

Hyetal – Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) [Blackacre]

James Blake – Order/Pan [Hemlock]

Nymfo, Cern – Recollection/Desert Heat [Dispatch]

Photek – Closer/Pinch Remix [Tectonic]

Pinch – Swish/Tunnel Home [Deep Medi]

Seiji – No Other/Easy [Seijimusic]

Synkro – Look at Yourself/Girl/It’s [Mindset]

Xxxy – You Gotta Do/Open Your Eyes [Orca]

EPs & LPs:

Drums of Death – Black Waves EP [Civil]

Jam City – Waterworx EP [Night Slugs]

Ill Skillz – Nectar & Ambrosia [Ill Skillz]

Tes La Rok – Them [Noppa]

Toddla T – Watch Me Dance [Ninja Tune]

VA – Best of Tectonic pt.1 (2005-2009) [Tectonic]

VA – Best of Tectonic pt.2 (2009-2011) [Tectonic]

Zomby – Dedication [4AD]




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