The Blackest Ever Black

30 06 2011

For a while now I’ve been itching to write some articles about great labels I’m discovering from across the electronic spectrum. The Blackest Ever Black is way out at the edge of that spectrum, as the name suggests, it sits past the fringes of colour glinting on the edge of what we could interpret as “dance music”.

” Creating anything of real substance, particularly in music, is a more difficult and thankless task than ever. The label wasn’t founded in spite of this hostile climate, it was founded because of it “

There is real substance here, within the blackness; the cluttered, dusty spaces reverberating with industrial scorn, there’s something glittering in the corners. And it’s visual. Listening to the Regis remix of This Foundry on the label’s second release is like scaling this landscape, the hostile climate. The carefully crafted bassline is killer, but within the vision afforded by the industrial, post-apocalyptic backdrop, the track takes on real substance.

The label carries this feeling through; the almost-chanting drone background to Retread from the first EP drags you on and on through the nightime blackness. Every turn, every flicker of light, is evocative of your bleakest moments and your darkest memories, but with a glimmer of hope.

Raime – We must Hunt Under the Wreckage of Many Systems

These kinds of labels are rare and each is unique – the edge of genres. They aren’t for every mood, but they bring new ideas to steadfast musical pillars and they allow you to get lost in a world created entirely through ambiance.

Check out the label website for free mixes and new releases.

The Blackest Ever black




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