The Secret Garden Party 2011

20 06 2011

The first time I heard about the Secret Garden Party was last year although it has been going on for a while. I really liked the idea of it but wasn’t too taken because of what seemed to be a lack of dnb there. However, things are a little different this year.

The line up has previously been interesting but obscure. For 2011 it has been given a hefty dose of drum & bass. The likes of Andy C, Brookes Brothers, DC Breaks, Subfocus and TC will be there, with Dubstep from Bare Noize, Flux Pavilion and Nero. With David Rodigan returning for another year it will be a special one.

Check out the funky and well designed website here, where you could buy tickets until not very long ago. I have heard if you look hard enough you can still get hold of them. Just over a month to go…




One response

24 06 2011
Sian Boyle

I too only heard about Secret Garden Party last year but I had the privilege of going- and it changed my life. It literally is the most amazing, magical, creative, interesting and vibrant place I’ve ever been to and could ever have imagined, and I think a large reason for this is because of its relative obscurity.

When looking at the line up before going last year, my boyfriend and I- both massive drum n bass heads- were disappointed with not just the lack of drum n bass, but the lack of any acts we knew at all! Then we arrived, we experienced the festival, and we *got* it. Secret Garden Party showcases the best of every genre, sub genre and musical amalgamation you could dream of- and every single musical act we saw was of the utmost quality. There’s swing mixed with dub step, jazz and techno, accordions and bongos flutes and anything else you can think of- and it all sounded amazing. We found drum n bass, in the form of a percussion set being played out while a woman played out the sickest riff on her violin: we suddenly found ourselves raving to Irish-jig-drum n bass…There was a man who beatboxed, recorded it, beatboxed over that and then rapped over that, and one of my most magical moments of Secret Garden Party was sitting in the Small World Tent at about 6am, and this jazz group had formed literally on the spurr of the moment. The lead singer asked someone to shout out a subject to sing and play about, my boyfriend suggested ‘the sea’, and they just did it- a beautiful song by a beautiful band in a beautiful moment.

The point I’m making here is that yes, Andy C, Brookes Brothers and all the aforementioned acts are amazing- but I already know that and I’ve already seen them. Secret Garden Party’s musical magic seems to come from its organic lack of commercialism and big names- even if the commercial big names are good quality music in themselves. I’d never experienced a festival with such musical creativity, diversity or quality before, and I feel that bringing in the big names only serves to dilute the ‘Secret’ aspect, and therefore its magic.

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