Young Montana? / Africa Hitech

16 05 2011

Young Montana? – Limerence and Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles. These are two essential listens this month.. I’m actually not such a massive fan of the LP format for electronic music but sometimes the sound’s just so immersive and flowing you can’t help but get drawn in for an hour of pure enjoyment. Both of these albums are golden mindfucks of the most experimental and rhythmic sounds, they create their own space and fill it with ambient complexity.

Young Montana? especially has crafted his own unique sound unlike anything I’ve heard before. There is so much going on here; in structure it could almost be the light-hearted younger brother of Autechre’s Tri Repetae, blitzing a spectrum of sound from everything electronic music has to offer but coming out with it’s own distinct feeling. Tracks like Sacre Cool and Dreamhome are a blur of shapeshifting samples, never touching upon solid ground long enough to embed more than a fleeting feeling; the whole experience is really a cluster of fragmented feelings. Chopped and cropped into a sickly sweet, whilst complex, concoction.

You come away with just a vague memory of a pure experience, something along the lines of Hunter S Thompson’s tide-mark remark upon the close of the 60’s.. Without delving too deeply into a chain-of-conciousness critique on a genuine masterpiece, these are fresh beats and fresh feelings. Oh, and yes, you can dance to it.

Much hyped hyper dubstep from Africa Hitech is another absolutely essential listen this month. The duo that is Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek build their combined sound into what is a spanky-straight-up dubstep record. The dancefloor experience here is expertly crafted into a complex arc, creating an album that is unmistakably a whole whilst working in the open-arena of the mix.

You can’t fail to notice the Warp label here, and at times there are the distant echoes of early Warp releases; the tracks are at once full-on-dubstep, but also ambivalent, crafting a path through sounds synonymous with the Warp catalogue. 93 Million Miles sounds right at home here.

Listen to the entire Africa Hitech release right here (and download a free mp3)

Try some of Limerence on Soundcloud:

(but to be fair, you need to hear this one, just buy it)




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