Appleblim & October – Ny Fizzzzz / Fountains of Paradise

27 04 2011

Two massive names from the Bristol dubstep scene meld minds.

I’ve always had fond thoughts for Appleblim but never truely gone hyper for any of his tunes. Mostly because of his involvement with Skull Disco, he’s been left sat behind the master of darkness, Sam Shackleton.

Listening to Ny Fizzzzz and I get the same feelings; it’s really nothing special. There’s everything from the Bristol scene behind it, the solid kicks to the scuffed high hats, but there’s nothing else there to back it up. Solid, yes, interesting? brutal? memorable? no..

Suddenly the room darkens, Fountains of Paradise is just stunning stuff. It’s not just dubstep, it’s experimental. That said, it is dubstep; here echoes of Joker’s 80’s synth contrast one of the darkest backdrops I’ve heard for too long – it makes me yearn for the dark cuts Instra:mental were churning out a couple of years ago. The intro has the silky ambience of dreamy techno – train track rhythms, deep and dark – and this just engulfs the spirit of the track – slowly building into proper dubstep thump.

There’s nothing explicitly new here if you’re talking pure element but the array of sounds is something to comprehend. Prepare to listen again, or prepare to miss so much from this track.

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