Two Inch Punch – Love You Up / Luv Luv (TIP001)

18 04 2011

There’s a lot of love here; Self-claimed as Lovestep (seriously?) the synth work here just oozes joy. Something like the Yin to Burial’s Yang there’s a backdrop of haunted R&B snippets but with the colours all inverted. Both tracks here are purely melodic synth lines with scrambled samples blending effortlessly into the mix. This guy describes himself as a ” Frustrated Soul / RnB singer, with an ear for harmony “; there are definite parallels to Dâm Funk or Mount Kimbie but with what you can only describe as a leaning towards a pop aesthetic.

These two tracks have just been released on a stamped white label for Two Inch Punch’s own imprint (Cat # TIP001) this is a solid start to a what could be a nicely niche sound; even if the ideas are not totally unique, the sound has something to offer over and above other artists producing a similar aura – this is one to watch. Still not sure about the term Lovestep though.. 

You can catch some free listens on Soundcloud:

Love You Up

Luv Luv

TIP001 on sale in the usual places around the net, plus rub a dub records




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