Festivals, Festivals and More Festivals…

13 04 2011

There are a ridiculous amount of good festivals cropping up this summer. I’m not sure whether in my student haze of deadlines and debt that I consciously chose not to notice them until now, or whether given that I have money in recent times (relatively compared to my pre-graduation days), that I’m now seeing a world of opportunity.

Either way; there are too many well organised festivals in the UK this year (too many because I’m bitter that I can’t go to them all), with some other notable ones worth spend that little extra on to make a holiday abroad out of.

Here at Blog and Bass, the boys and I have posted the odd festival here and there that has come into our inboxes that we thought looked pretty cool, but the next mission I have imposed upon myself to accept, is posting up a pick of not just the biggest and best, but the smaller festivals that are just too good to miss.

Drum and Bass is my thing, it has been for what is worth remembering and always will be. BUT. I love jazz, roots, house, a bit of techno (mainly progressive) and the standard dance classics. So my aim over the coming weeks is to find the best in electronic music festivals happening in the summer of 2011. I think my bank balance is going to take a pounding after this one…




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