Instra:mental _ Resolution 653

6 04 2011

Bringing together the spectral sounds of bass and hurling them out at seemingly any BPM, Instra:mental can produce a killer tune in almost any style. That said, their sound is their own, and on friday we finally get to hear their album proper.

November 2010: dBridge ends his Autonomic show with a track named ‘8’ – check it out here. The Autonomic label represents the duo’s image of Drum & Bass music and ‘8’ fits that – a farcry from traditional dancefloor vibes but massive in intent. Like a lot of their tunes, you can’t draw a line from club D’n’B but you can’t help but feel the link.

Semantica put out a cut for Instra:mental titled ‘Zones’ later in November giving not enough people the chance to hear 2 tracks from the upcoming album (thank fck for Youtube – Sun Rec, Love Arp) These two are deep and punchy with their soulful dark backdrops and sparkly highs lending full on atmosphere.

A real taste of the anthems came Last month with the Nonplus+ 12″ sampler – these two beasty cuts demonstrate the raw power these two guys have in creating forceful, critical, beats. ‘Thomp’ on the A serves as it’s own descriptor, whilst ‘When I Dip’ digs at a thumping vocal sample producing a real dancefloor classic.

For sure this is going to be an album full of anything and everything in killer bass music.


Resolution 653 hits on friday, the tracklisting is:

01. Sun Rec
02. User
03. 8
04. Waterfalls
05. Aggro Acid
06. Arc
07. Love Arp
08. Thomp
09. Talkin’ Mono
10. Rift Zone
11. Plok
12. Delta Zone (advance)
13. Memory implant





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