2562 – Fever

1 04 2011

Fever//Friday evening taking in the rays of light from a new dubstep full length. It doesn’t get much better than a first listen, I mean sure you don’t quite get the tracks straight off the bat but there’s a visceral power to every first listen that binds your feelings and the emotions to the record.

2562 is pretty special as far as club name dubstep DJs go; he has harnessed the ability to put together a cohesive ‘LP’ including nothing but 12″ cuts – from the first listen it sounds convincing.

Fever: The first track is a chopped up, fucked up opener, it churns your insides and leaves you on the edge, waiting for the set to begin. then pause. Cheater pulls you on – halfway through you start to realise, you’re having a load of fun; you’re waiting for the dubstep vibe to take over, but it isn’t, nor does it need to, these feel almost like house influenced beats. The progression here in terms of sound is actually slight, but distinctive – I imagine listening back to Unbalance will shine some light on the changes, but you can’t help but feel this is a new sound to make old sounds feel tired. Aquatic Family Affair makes and appearance, as does This is Hardcore – both going out probably unnoticed on a 10″ early in February. Slipped in here they still sound new – something a cohesive album does to even the most epic standalone. As we hit track 6 there’s a change – dubstep goes dubstep. Flavour Park Jam is probably the highlight of the album, a lost-at-sea distress signal of the highest immediacy, yet controlled and powerful. It leads nicely into This is Hardcore which sits comfortably as the second half of a beautiful centerpiece. The album ends with Fever swirling persuasively and violently to a close.


This is a slow evolution, but slowly is the only way to evolve. If you like smart beats with your bass, you’ve arrived.

Listen right here, to it all, for free. FACT.

aquatic family affair//




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