Steph’s Countdown #1

31 12 2010

Atlantic ConnectionSo this is it. My final country in my countdown to New Year. It seemed only fitting to pick an artist that I could vision seeing the NY in with. I’ve made a big leap from central Europe over the Atlantic to the States for my last post.

I’ve always loved hip hop and wondered if it could truly work with dnb. This artist proves that oh yes it can.

Nathan Hayes aka Atlantic Connection is a producer and DJ from Los Angeles, California. He is the owner of Westbay Recordings and has been releasing since 2006. He doesn’t produce regularly compared to other artists but when he does it is so worth waiting for. The Reality Check EP came out in June this year, its got a more chilled vibe compared to his other releases, but is still just as good. It seems to be quite hard to get hold of at the moment, I’ve found all of the tracks on YouTube though.

Tomorrow’s Not Enough was an album that changed my outlook on what I thought I loved about dnb. It blends drumfunk beats with lyrical rap and stunning soundscapes in the background. As you’ve probably guessed I absolutely adore anything he produces.

I’m genuinely struggling to pick a favourite track. I’m going to go with the title track off Tomorrow’s Not Enough. I love that it tells a story as well as having one of the loveliest riffs I think I’ve ever heard. Check it out here.

I guess this is me done for my countdown. Ten countries were nowhere near enough to cover the artists that I love, the new ones I discovered and will love or the artists who are the ones to watch for this next year. There is so much out there just waiting to be found and listened to and memories to be made with it. I’ll still be looking even though I’ve reached the end of my countdown!

I’ll be back after the celebrations have died down with my usual posts. Until then, may 2011 bring all you wish for…




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