Steph’s Countdown #2

30 12 2010

DJ PyroFor my penultimate country in my countdown to New Year I have chosen Denmark. DJ Pyro is a techno dnb artist to the core and his tunes are really dark and edgy.

He comes from Copenhagen and has been producing since the tender age of 14. At 24 now, he has had ten years of producing under his belt and it shows because technically he is flawless. He has released on Digital Venom, the same record label that Current Value are on.

When I listen to him I find that there are elements of Noisia in the drum style, a bit of Raiden in samples and just a hint of The Upbeats in there too. Its a good combination, a really good combination.

You can check out his Myspace here. There is another DJ Pyro who is a garage artist in London too in case there are any keen Googlers out there (and you are wondering if I started my build up to New Year a little early…)

Track of choice would have to be a remix he did of a track by Eiton called Ethanol. It is tech step at it’s finest. You can download it here.




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