Steph’s Countdown #3

29 12 2010

SebaI’m retracing my steps in central Europe now and I’m making a very important stop in Sweden. This was another case of me not being able to choose any other artist because I fell in love with this particular guy’s beats back in the early days of university.

Sebastian Ahrenberg aka Seba comes from Ingarö, which I’m informed is a small island just outside of Stockholm. He owns the record label Secret Operations and he’s been in the business for way over ten years now, consistently releasing quality EP and LP’s.

His collaborations with the UK’s own Paradox made history and I can’t imagine there are many dnb heads who don’t know and love ‘Move On’.

I wouldn’t say that it is my favourite Seba tune though. After the huge success of Return To Forever first released in 2008, there was a track on that album that stuck out for me. ‘Blaze and Fade Out’ features some of the best matched vocals that will ever be found on a drum and bass track and a just gorgeous set of effects on the main and backing vocals that sends shivers down my spine.

An all time classic.




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