Steph’s Countdown #5

28 12 2010

KantyzeThere’s no particular order for my destinations of Europe now. I’ve heard reports from friends who are lucky enough to have witnessed the underground scene in Paris, I hope that I get to one day. My featured artist is Kantyze. Something makes me quite sad when I listen to French dnb, I’m not really sure why. There’s something longing about it that I can’t put my finger on. Perhaps its the language barrier or just the romantic association with France, there is just a real sense of mystery attached to their dnb. My artist of choice shows this perfectly.

Kantyze are fundamentally techy and two step in their style. Feubo & Knockoutz are the foundation and they are based in Tours (not too far away from Rennes). What instantly attracts me to them is the really edgy feel they give their tracks. Really dirty bass licks make for some absolute quality listening. Check out their Myspace here, there is a good selection of his tracks in the page player and they have an array of free tracks on their Soundcloud page.

The track ‘Walkers’ (follow the Soundcloud link above to find it) was an instant hit with me. It has old skool dance vibes, a solid tech beat and some neat samples, as well as a couple of really effective breakdowns. They have released numbers here and there on labels like Freak and Basswerk. Check them out.




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