Steph’s Countdown #4

28 12 2010

SyncopixI’m hopping around central Europe now and going over to Germany. I knew who I was going to choose way before I got to writing this. Another all time favourite of mine, Syncopix it just had to be.

An artist unlike many, he can go from gorgeous liquid rollers, to wobble, to some just pure filth and still manage to pull it off. You only need to glance at his discography (here it is on Rolldabeats) to see just how much stuff he has done. I’ve yet to find anything that I rate average either.

He is based in Hamburg and is boss on his label Syncopix Records, but he has also featured on the big boys like Hospital Records. Icarus is the stand out album by a long way. Track 3 (‘Hope’) is a track I can’t feel bad after listening to. Its got a deep bass line, a cheeky sax solo and some percussion effects that just make it.

Perfect listening for the post Christmas blues before the January days set in. He will be still be on my playlist in years to come, I’m convinced of that. Release something new soon please!




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