Steph’s Countdown #7

24 12 2010

Intelligent MannersI’m taking a stop in Russia for this next post. A place very close to my heart, it has been producing drum and bass that I honestly think equals my own scene if not better at times. I’m probably biased because I have Russian in my blood but aside from any of that, it is somewhere that notably exports quality drum and bass. You only need to listen to The Future Sound of Russia to prove that! That’s all I wanted to do at the start of this whole exercise so I’m going with it.

Dmitriy Sabekiya aka Intelligent Manners is based in Saint Petersburg. His influences traditionally come from hip-hop, jazz, soul, break beat and jungle from back in the day. Many elements of different music genres have contributed to defining his style which is heavy dance floor rollers with attributes of soulful, romantic vibes and a new skool liquid style.

He is a favourite over at and has forthcoming collaborations on a silly amount of big labels such as Allsorts, Spin, Have-A-Break, Nexgen, Fokuz, Golden Orb, All Street, Digital Colours, Funk Star, Liquid Brilliants and Respect.

Track of choice is Music Take Your Mind on All Street Recordings. It has a summer vibe with a soulful female vocal and a relaxed but danceable beat that would want to make me get up off my sun bed and dance. It can be downloaded here.

Roll on the summer…




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