Steph’s Countdown #8

22 12 2010

The next country in my countdown had to be Japan. There isn’t really a huge output of quality dnb coming from there at the moment but when it does it is incredible. It seems that Western culture has well and truly made an imprint on the way music is produced however, this particular artist’s style has a vibe about it that reminds me of the oriental roots that would lie at the heart of a Japanese drum and bass DJ.

T-AK aka Takashi Okazaki was first introduced to me when I got linked to a Dogs on Acid thread quite a while ago. His style is mostly liquid but with some dirty two-step cropping up now and then. What has got me hooked on his style is the fact that he isn’t afraid to be atonal. He’s was based in London for a while and he was the first producer to create a night at the Herbal nightclub in London’s East End (Hexion). It is very clear that the UK scene has influenced him a lot, but his style keeps it fresh and I like it. He has had features on Hospital Records compilations like The Future Sound of Tokyo. He’s back in Tokyo for a while now concentrating on production there. Here’s hoping he will be back in the UK soon.

Track of choice has to be Voyager off The Friendly Fire EP on Hospital Records (even though it was out over two years ago). It is textbook in execution of what makes a good drum and bass track, that’s all that needs to be said. Download it here. Check out What I’m Talking About off The Future Sound of Tokyo for something a little darker.

Back tomorrow…




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