Steph’s Countdown #9

21 12 2010

PhetstaI. Love. The. Internet. I would never get to hear any of this stuff if it wasn’t for it. It took me all of about two seconds to make my decision for my pick from this particular country. I’m going to try and follow a bit of a path, so next up from New Zealand I’m making a stop in Australia. And no I’m not going for Pendulum. As iconic as they have been in their own way, I’m waving the flag for lesser known artists from some of the countries I’ve chosen.

I first heard this guy after a bored afternoon of procrastinating revision clicking from one Myspace to the next. His stuff is just gold.

Phetsta came onto the Drum & Bass scene in 2005. He wasn’t signed when I first heard him but he is now signed exclusively to the legendary Simon Bassline Smith’s imprint Technique Recordings and he is based in Perth.

He has been featured in K Magazine and has had rave reviews over on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. In 2007 he released the acclaimed Congo EP and it has some absolute rollers on it.

My track of choice is a collaboration he did with Shock One called The Sun VIP. Its a dance floor bouncer and has wisps of Danny Byrd-esque breakdowns mixed with the little samples and background sounds that I can’t help but think of The Brookes Brothers when I listen to it. A pretty good combination of artists to sound similar to!

You can download it at Drum and Bass Arena



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