Steph’s Countdown to NY of the Best Acts in the World

19 12 2010

So. I had an idea. Don’t know if it is going to be a good one yet, time will tell that I guess. I’m just gonna roll with it and see where it goes.

I am unbelievably inspired at the moment. Various reasons have contributed to my eyes being opened about the drum and bass that is out there in the world beyond my lovely UK. I’ve always been aware that Russia has exported some incredible stuff, I’ve heard some amazing unsigned stuff there. Go search for Intelligent Manners, you won’t be disappointed. France has it’s underrated underground scene. Germany has some just quality techno dnb rising in popularity especially in Bavaria. New Zealand, well what can I say, we all know what’s coming next. Shapeshifter have produced tracks that are in my lifetime top 10.

That is just four countries. I need to completely shake up the comfort zone I’ve stayed in of my British dnb (as brilliant as it is) and go and have a look what’s out there. I’m going to look in obscure places to find gems. I promised that when I started this blog. So watch this space. I’m going to choose ten countries up until New Year and hopefully find a nice selection to make those painful January days a bit brighter.

For now I’m going to call it Steph’s Countdown to NY of the Best Acts in the World. It isn’t very catchy is it. Answers on a postcard please!




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