Blu Mar Ten – Natural History: Revision [Album rehash + free tunes]

29 11 2010

Natural History: RevisionThe versatile North London trio that is Blu Mar Ten have just released an album, Natural History: Revision. It is an amalgamation of Natural History, remixes that have featured on their self-titled label, and previously unheard remixes.

The album has an overall techy vibe to it, with the off-kilter styles of Clipjoint and Made of Air still sounding as fresh as the day they first adorned my ears. Later on in the album, the remixes begin. The familiar styles of Klute, Seba and others kick in, and then we are opened up to the Believe Me remix competition winners. The way the original was interpreted will take you by surprise – and the remixes are by no means stuck to the genre of drum & bass.

As an added bonus, you can download the runner-up remixes from the Blu Mar Ten Soundcloud – which are, on all accounts, excellent displays of production ability. The Inward Phase remix is a particular favourite of mine.

The entire 27 track album can be bought for an incredible £4.49 at iTunes, and this includes hi-res album artwork from i think it’s nice. as a pdf. It can also be bought from the usual outlets – Beatport, Trackitdown, Digital Tunes, DnBA, etc. Show your support and don’t miss the opportunity!

Blu Mar Ten online: website, soundcloud, twitter




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