October Album of the Month: Audio – Genesis Device

11 11 2010

Gareth Greenall, aka Audio, confesses that seeing Ed Rush play at legendary drum and bass venue The End twelve years ago was an epiphany for him, and a motivation to get into the studio. In the same year, Ed Rush and Optical’s Virus label was born, it’s first LP the seminal Wormhole, still looked back on as a benchmark of the techy sound that was just developing at the time.

It is fitting, then, that in 2010 Audio should repay the inspiration that the Virus camp gave him by releasing not only one of the label’s strongest albums to date, but also one of the best full-length releases in years to have come from the harder end of  the scene that Ed Rush and Optical first pioneered.

The album actually takes a couple of tracks to get going, but once the eponymous Genesis Device drops, it never looks back. Audio’s production style is typically raw and unrelenting, but, crucially, he does not sacrifice funk in the pursuit of heaviness, and tracks such as Jibba Jabba and Collision are a testament to this aesthetic. Abyss is a highlight of deeper complexion, whilst Stratosphere is the albums most epic moment, combining characteristic filth with an enveloping atmosphere.

The album is a clear homage to the Virus sound, but there is also a distinct space theme running throughout Genesis Device, which is accentuated by the samples that Greenall chooses. The most notable of these is in The Journey Part 1, which signs off the album (barring the ‘secret track’, a dubstep rework of Emissions) with Stephen Hawking explaining the necessity for the human race to colonise outside of our own planet.

It would be easy, given this, to use the cliché ‘out of this world’, but perhaps it is better to simply acknowledge an excellent release that is both a nod to the past and a look to the future.

Check the official video for Collision here:




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