12” of the week – INVISIBLE002 EP

23 10 2010

On occasion, a release is so strong that it takes the prestigious mantle of our 12” of the week without actually being a 12”. As such, our chosen release this week is the second various artists EP to come from Noisia’s Invisible imprint, set up to cater for the deeper and more experimental sounds within drum and bass.



  • Noisia and Joe Seven – Ease Forward

The EP kicks off with a collaboration between Noisia and Joe Seven. Combining jolting, stabbing percussion with a bass line that both rolls and probes, ‘Ease Forward’ is testament to the belief that experimentation is possible without the sacrifice of funk or accessibility.

  • Alix Perez – The Observer

Next up is a deeper, darker number from Alix Perez. Cut very much from the same cloth as his recent ‘Dark Days’ EP for Shogun, ‘The Observer’ is a strong example of Perez’ current style and definitely one for the headphones.

  • Noisia and Alix Perez – Underprint

The EPs highlight comes in the form of a collaboration between Noisia and Perez called ‘Underprint’. The eerie, atmospheric intro gives way to a classic tech stepper, reminiscent of ‘Clockwork’ era Stakka and Skynet. Expect to see this one on the ‘best of year‘ lists and mixes.

  • Stray – Saturday

Rounding off the EP is ‘Saturday’ from the talented experimental producer Stray. Prominent hi hats tick menacingly over a recurring bass line growl, punctuated by clinical bleeps which create a sound that is both refreshingly unfamiliar and distinctly Stray.

A strong look from Invisible.




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