Who are we? Steph

18 10 2010

Hey, I’m Steph (aka the Liquid Lady), fresh out of Engineering studies at Nottingham and starting the first days of the rest of my life. I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering and now work in a job that gives me lots of opportunity to travel and I’m absolutely loving it. Last year at university I presented the DnB Show on University Radio Nottingham (URN) with Nidal and Patrick and the show was a fantastic experience.

Looking back I think how I got into drum and bass was through my love of jazz. I’m a classically trained musician first and foremost but developed a love for the way that jazz is so uncontrolled and that there are endless possibilities. I started to get into breakbeat and hip hop, even some R&B but something was always missing for me. It was when I first heard a Jamiroquai drum and bass remix of ‘Do You Know Where You’re Coming From’ about 6 years ago that I fell in love and I’ve never looked back. You’ll find me on the dance floor whenever nineties old school dance dnb and cleverly done remixes of classics turn up, whether by the dons of the industry or an unsigned gem.

I’m an advocate for the less well known artists out in the wide world, I’ve come across some wonderfully talented people and I hope to use the blog as a way to express this to more than just my friends over drinks after work. I love all drum and bass and to anyone that knows me it really shows, I just so happen to have a special love for liquid and I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Liquid love,

Steph x




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