Who are we? Ed

18 10 2010

Ello everyone. I’m Ed, originally from from London but now based in Lancaster via Bristol. My “musical journey” has roughly been piano/sax training (God I wish I kept that up) -> indie/pop rock -> hip hop -> oldskool hip hop -> garage -> grime -> dnb/jungle. I’ve been into the 174bpm breaks for about as long as the other contributors here but probably in a slightly different way. First and foremost I’m into my choppy, aggressive, fast-paced breaks-driven drum & bass (I like to call it the ‘jungle’ sound but let’s not get into that argument). The energy you get from that kind of music is unparalleled, if a little introspective and, many would say, dying. Just in case that form of drum & bass dies out forever, I pain myself by listening to pretty much any kind of drum & bass (apart from the new wobble sound). I am really into the free scene, probably moreso than I should be, but I think there is a vast amount of music that is ignored by the masses simply because it costs nothing and isn’t by the biggest artists. If you’re interested, click here.

Other than drum & bass I have a fairly eclectic taste; I like a lot of old music (eg. The Kinks, Jean Michel Jarre, David Bowie) and still loosely follow the UK hip hop scene – although for me the glory years of the early 2000s are long behind us and the grime sound unfortunately seems to have forced out the more musical stuff. Oh well, hopefully there will be a resurgence.

I probably won’t be as prolific as the other contributors here due to the “pressures” of life as a uni fresher, but I’ll do my best to keep you updated with the newest beats. Clean or dirty, liquid or choppy, dancefloor or loungebar, hopefully you’ll hear it all here. Enjoy the blog!





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