Who are we? Nidal

17 10 2010

Yo yo yo,

I’m Nidal – I’ve been ‘doing’ DnB for the last 6 years now, from my early days back in London I pretty much grew up in Fabric sneaking in whenever I could. Somewhere along the lines I stumbled across Bad Company’s Shot down on Safari and that where things really kicked off for me. Since then I’ve been involved in all sorts within the DnB scene. Over the last 3 and a half years I’ve been heavily involved in the Drum and Bass Show on University Radio at the University of Nottingham alongside a whole host of very talented co-presenters. These days I’m a full time 4th year Civil Engineering student, as well as doing some online media bits for Detonate Promotions in Nottingham. I’ve recently been listening to a whole bunch of other bass music tunes that aren’t just drum and bass, particularly into that ragga-house sounds coming from Major Lazer, Toddla T and Redlight… Hopefully that’ll all come through in my blogs in the future!

(Rice and) Peace.




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