Hello, world.

12 10 2010


We’re Blog and Bass, a collective of drum and bass enthusiasts loosely based in Nottingham and London. We want this blog to be your one-stop shop for all things DnB, whether releases, mixes, nights out, opinions, whatever really. If it’s happening, we’ll cover it.

It’s not just DnB that we like and listen to, between us we’re into house, dubstep, classical, breaks, right through to jazz and we’re looking to bring our favourite bits of ‘other stuff’ into the blog as well – maybe open your eyes (ears?) to something you’d never listened to before, introduce you to something you’d never thought you’d like? The blog will be running alongside the Drum and Bass radio show on University Radio for Nottingham. The show’s now into its fourth year, having played the finest in brand new, fresh across-the-board drum and bass since day 1. Broadcasting out of University Park in Nottingham, we’ve had anyone who’s anyone in Notts DnB come play a live guest mix on the show, as well as exclusive interviews with the likes of Chase and Status, Bailey, dBridge, Doc Scott, S.P.Y., amongst others.

Over the next few days us main contributors will post a lil bloggy bio type bit about ourselves, and we’ll soon get stuck right in with the latest in music news, views and tunes.

Blog and Bass Love xxx




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18 10 2010

this blog is jazz

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